A Work In Progress

Sure, it’s really comforting to be with a man, both physically and emotionally, but that pleasure is nothing in comparison to the joy and assurance that Christ offers.

I Just Came For Ashes

Was it really so wrong that I wanted someone to love and share my life with? Seriously- what was so bad about people of the same sex being in romantic partnerships? You’d think after eleven failed relationships I should have figured out that perhaps God and the Church were on to something, but what can I say?

Joyful Pilgrims

We have come to view ourselves as sojourners and pilgrims. Through our journeys, filled as they have been at times with mistakes, disappointments, dead-ends and broken relationships, we have come to the keen awareness that the most sane way of viewing our lives on earth is as pilgrims and wanderers.

Two Thomases, a Guy Named Clive and a Hobbit Called Frodo

In all of those past moments of wishing away my same-sex attraction, I slowly began to realize that I would be wishing not for more love, but for less. Now, I no longer hate my same-sex attraction and instead I’ve actually come to embrace it. Not because it is good, or because I desire to celebrate my “gayness.” No, I embrace it because I realize that it’s the most important and valuable tool God has used in creating the Divine work of art that (hopefully!) is my life.