Our Journeys

The Bumpy and Twisty Track

The Church’s teachings bring me great comfort. The teachings don’t make living a chaste, celibate life easy, but they do help me to know that I am on the right track. It’s a difficult bumpy, twisty track, but it is leading me to a stronger relationship with Jesus.

Table for One?

To anyone who says being single and chaste leads to a miserable life, I say, “walk a mile in my shoes!”

Kevin’s Story

Though I’m grateful that God has redeemed my past mistakes, I still am tempted to sin, just as every man is. Though I sometimes stumble into unchaste behavior, thanks to the grace of God through His Church, and especially through Courage, I’ve made a commitment to living out chastity to the best of my ability.

Kathryn: An Introduction

Sometimes, when I’m wading in warm Gulf waters, I imagine that the water all around me is God’s love and mercy and I’m just floating there, immersing myself in His compassion and forgiveness.

A Work In Progress

Sure, it’s really comforting to be with a man, both physically and emotionally, but that pleasure is nothing in comparison to the joy and assurance that Christ offers.

I Just Came For Ashes

Was it really so wrong that I wanted someone to love and share my life with? Seriously- what was so bad about people of the same sex being in romantic partnerships? You’d think after eleven failed relationships I should have figured out that perhaps God and the Church were on to something, but what can I say?