Encountering Jesus

Mass and Grace

Sometimes, sitting by myself in a big, crowded Church on a Sunday, I feel a little lost and find it hard to focus, but this small chapel feels personal and friendly. You can sense a quiet, peaceful spirit in this Christ-centered community. It’s easy for me to get into “the Mass zone.”

Celibacy As Eternal Life

The celibate seeks to be a true self-gift to the entire Bride of Christ, in imitation of the Bridegroom, while, at the same time, responding to the call to be intimately, “nuptially,” united with God as the beginning or “foretaste” of our eternal unity with Him in heaven.

My Obsession With Death

In my braver moments, I ask the Lord to let me go through my purgatory here on earth –then I start to fear that if God answers that prayer, I will eventually become the oldest living human being on this planet.

Encountering Jesus

We have stood in front of the merciful embrace of Jesus, and have felt the surprise of this marvelous, unforeseeable mercy of Jesus.