Grace Which Transforms Us

Will you accept the fact that you can’t do it alone and accept His grace which fills up all that is lacking in us; His grace which transforms us, heals our brokenness and makes us better?

Mass and Grace

Sometimes, sitting by myself in a big, crowded Church on a Sunday, I feel a little lost and find it hard to focus, but this small chapel feels personal and friendly. You can sense a quiet, peaceful spirit in this Christ-centered community. It’s easy for me to get into “the Mass zone.”

My Obsession With Death

In my braver moments, I ask the Lord to let me go through my purgatory here on earth –then I start to fear that if God answers that prayer, I will eventually become the oldest living human being on this planet.

Kathryn: An Introduction

Sometimes, when I’m wading in warm Gulf waters, I imagine that the water all around me is God’s love and mercy and I’m just floating there, immersing myself in His compassion and forgiveness.