Table for One?

To anyone who says being single and chaste leads to a miserable life, I say, “walk a mile in my shoes!”

Encountering Jesus

We have stood in front of the merciful embrace of Jesus, and have felt the surprise of this marvelous, unforeseeable mercy of Jesus.

Joyful Pilgrims

We have come to view ourselves as sojourners and pilgrims. Through our journeys, filled as they have been at times with mistakes, disappointments, dead-ends and broken relationships, we have come to the keen awareness that the most sane way of viewing our lives on earth is as pilgrims and wanderers.

Two Thomases, a Guy Named Clive and a Hobbit Called Frodo

In all of those past moments of wishing away my same-sex attraction, I slowly began to realize that I would be wishing not for more love, but for less. Now, I no longer hate my same-sex attraction and instead I’ve actually come to embrace it. Not because it is good, or because I desire to celebrate my “gayness.” No, I embrace it because I realize that it’s the most important and valuable tool God has used in creating the Divine work of art that (hopefully!) is my life.